Mesh Rolls Full Set 50 m mesh size 100x50x2.2 mm

290,90 € tax incl.

  • Fence height 100 cm Post length 1500 mm / Strut length 1500 mm
  • Fence height 120 cm Post length 1750 mm / Strut length 1750 mm
  • Fence height 150 cm Post length 2000 mm / Strut length 2000 mm

Select Mesh Rolls Full Set and save time. You only specify the height, U-Gitter takes care of the rest.

What comes into a set?

Wire rolls, galvanized and coated with PVC in green

Height selectable

Fence posts (11 pcs, spacing 2,5 m) Ø 34 mm, Ø 38 mm

galvanized and coated, with plastic cap

Fence struts (2 pcs) Ø 34 mm

with a strut cap and a clip to attach to the posts 

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